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September 28, 2007
Gene Simmons rocks on
Kiss frontman Gene Simmons talks about the Kiss brand and his marketing strategy for keeping the band from going the way of the one-hit-wonder.

MyrtleBeachOnline.comJune 17, 2007:
Fans line up to meet guitarist for KISS
Band memorabilia popular at one-year-old coffee house
He’s the spaceman in what fans call the greatest band in the universe. Iconic guitarist Ace Frehley touched down Saturday at Broadway at the Beach for KISS Coffee House’s first anniversary.

April 17, 2007: Press Release
1st Anniversary Party at KISS Coffeehouse
on Saturday, June 16th, 2007

February 2007: Fresh Cup Magazine
Café Crossroads – Retailer Spotlight

January 21, 2007: FOXNEWS.COM
Gene Simmons, Carlos Santana, Charlie Sheen Make Unlikely Designers: Celebrity branding has never been hotter — or more bizarre.
KISS rocker Gene Simmons is peddling an “elegant” new perfume. Guitar god Carlos Santana has a new line of sexy women’s shoes. And “Two and Half Men” star Charlie Sheen is shaking up the kiddie couture market.

November 15, 2006:
LICK IT UP: KISS’s kooky koffeehouse
Of all the music-related things I’ve ever written, some of the strongest negative reactions I’ve received came when I dared talk about the band KISS …

WJAR TVSeptember 18, 2006: WJAR/NBC TV
KISS Coffeehouse Donates Coffee to Troops in Irag
2,000 bags of KISS Army Blend on their way to the RI National Guard serving in Iraq

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Coffee with attitude didn’t exist in the marketplace until KISS Coffeehouse exploded onto the scene in Palmdale, Il.

KISS Coffeehouse is a stimulating environment to drink a stimulating beverage. No curling up with a nice book or contemplating interpersonal relationships here! It’s a place to celebrate life, have fun and experience the hottest band in the world – KISS.

With smoking KISS boots over 20 feet tall at the storefront and some awesome KISS memorabilia on display, loyal KISS fans will not be disappointed. KISS COFFEEHOUSE will also serve as an official KISS Army recruiting office, exposing new fans to the band and getting them on board.

Oh, yeah … we also happen to carry some of the most sinful sweets, coolest gear and greatest specialty coffees like Room Service, Demon Dark Roast and Pyro Pistachio. Whether you want it HOT, COOL, BAKED or SINFUL, you’re covered at KISS Coffeehouse.

So come on by! Grab a Growler and experience.